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  • University Presidents Show Their Support

    Lewis & Clark College President Barry Glassner (left) and Portland State University President Wim Wiewel (right) have both made statements showing their support for Greater Portland Hillel. We are so grateful to both President Glassner and President Wiewel for showing their support in this way, and by making PDX Hillel a priority every day. 

    “Greater Portland Hillel provides leadership and resources that help our students work together to strengthen our Jewish and interfaith communities, as well as our connections with and beyond Portland. At Lewis & Clark, learning is always collaborative, and Greater Portland Hillel is a true partner.” -- Barry Glassner, President of Lewis & Clark College

    "I am grateful for the presence of Greater Portland Hillel on PSU’s campus.  Portland Hillel ensures our students have a vibrant Jewish campus life and a safe and happy community to celebrate their heritage.  Portland Hillel is much more than a student group; they provide leadership opportunities, spiritual guidance, community service opportunities, and more.  PDX Hillel serves an important role in helping the university community to be inclusive and accessible by providing a place for students to share of themselves and to learn about Jewish traditions and values. Hillel also plays a valuable role in our academic conversations and is committed to ideals of tolerance and multiculturalism that go to the heart of what makes this community valuable." --  Portland State University President Wim Wiewel

    Thank you so much President Glassner and President Wiewel.

  • We want to know more about YOU!

    Portland Hillel is all about its students, and we want to know more about you! Help us out by filling out our Student Survey and Student Information Form, so that we can learn about what's important to you, what programs you would like to spend time on and how we can best serve you. We look forward to hearing from you! 

  • Introducing our Israeli Fellow!

    Born and raised in a traditional Jewish family in Shoham, Israel, Shiran brings a unique and refreshing perspective to Portland Hillel. She attended IDC Herzlyia, a private college in Israel majoring in Finance and did a semester abroad in Nova Scotia. She has a diverse background that includes time in the military, travel to North America, and work​ experience ranging from fitness to marketing to volunteering for non-profits focused on children's heart disease. Her warm compassion and wide smile have helped to brighten Portland campuses this fall. When she's not engaging Jewish students, or laughing with her co-workers, Shiran likes to play soccer and cook the food of her upbringing. 

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